July 8, 2010

Bringing Back the Bow Tie

Besides your necessary cozy cable knit sweater and occasional popped collar, I'm generally not a lover of preppy attireand yet, I can't help but fall for a patterned bow tie. Now, let us cover the basic alternatives: You've got your standard length tie, which is an undeniably boring option, unless, of course, you're en route to a corporate interview, or a Bar-Mitzvah. Then, an "Ascot" tie. Enough said. (Quotation marks stand.) That brings us to the perplexing skinny tie. Can someone please tell me where and why that trend surfaced? (My bet is that it stemmed from the same fool who deemed fedoras a closet staple.) So, ladies and gents, what are your thoughts on bow ties? Are you a fan? Or are you sticking with an "Ascot?" Here's my pick for summer's hottest bow tie, available at J.Press ($50), and 100%

Need help? Watch here for steps on how to tie a bow tie.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE bow ties. The only tie that spans across almost the entire casual-to-formal spectrum.

    Not so into the skinny tie. Maybe for skinny dudes... hipsters? That's it! That's where it came from. Skinny dudes felt too skinny with a regular width tie. haha.