July 29, 2010

PlastiChic Watches at Dylan's Candy Bar

Forgo the candy isle for just a minute (I know, it's hard to stray from the chocolate fountain and signature clodhoppers), but it'll be worth it. What you'll stumble upon are Dylan's newest waterproof PlastiChic watches, available in an array of 19 neon colors perfect for beach-side vacations. My favs include Stabilo green, dark purple and Superman blue. No, it's not edible, but it does go pretty well with your pick-and-pay bulk candy.

All watches are $35 - buy HERE or at Dylan's Candy Bar, 1011 Third Ave at 59th St (646-735-0078)

July 26, 2010

Dying for Dolce Vita (For Target)

I've tried on about ten different pairs of Dolce Vita sandals, heels and boots and have always passed due to the hefty price tag. Alas, Target brings us below-par-paycheck folk a happier alternative: Dolce Vita for Target footwear under 40 bucks. My top pick from the collaboration are these buckle ankle boots in black, only $35. What's even better, these babies go for sale on the Target website, so you can forget the mess in the overwhelming superstore. Now, if only they sold these Lola sandal pumps I've been dying over.

July 23, 2010

Hot for Haupt, Jewelry

At age 26, jewelry designer, and New Yorker, Lauren Haupt has much to brag about. Her business, which launched in 2007, has gotten an enormously positive response. "There’s no greater compliment than a return customer," Haupt gushes. "I’m so thrilled to see that happening over the past few years." Her goal: to create well-constructed jewelry that can be worn with ease and style every day, and this certainly parallels the delicate collections showcased on HER SITE.

Here, I talk with Lauren on her line, inspirations, and what's in store for the future.

Can you pinpoint the moment you knew jewelry was your passion?
In college, I took some metals and jewelry classes on a whim and finally felt like I had found a creative outlet for myself. I have always loved working with my hands and that's what designing and creating jewelry is all about.

Where do you find inspiration?
Books, magazines, blogs, and New York City itself. In terms of design, I pay close attention to lines, shapes, colors in packaging, fonts, furniture, and architecture.

What's your design philosophy?
I often think about light, shine, and the play of positive and negative space. I blend elements in terms of how I think they will ultimately make the wearer feel fantastic.

Can we look forward to new designs in the future?

I hope to have some great new cast sterling pieces available before the holiday season. Pieces that are similar in aesthetics to
Wings, Forever.
I love the weight and feel of solid pieces and I believe wearing them bestows an empowering feeling.

Top Picks:
Ascending Wing, Forever ($120)
Coalescence ($42)

July 19, 2010

Go Commando

It's hard to avoid witnessing the resurrection of this season's military trendwhether it's the carefree blend of rugged combat boots with a classic trench or a camo-patterned top draping over brown vintage belts. And though parts of it appears a tad dramatic and slightly less than battle-friendly, there are some elements to this trend that work at all times and for all women. My top pick for all military-inspired gear are these J Brand Houlihan cargo pants. I'm drawn to the olive pant color, which is less severe than the ARMY staple green. Plus, the cropped length is perfect for sandals, a cute stacked wedge, or even ballet flats to soften the edgy look.

Buy them HERE at Piperlime

July 14, 2010

Fabulous Fanny's Frames

Hundreds of vintage frames flood this East Village shop in just about any color and shape you can imagine (and at manageable prices). What I like about these 1960's Challenger vintage men's glasses is not only the soft maple color, but also that they don't resemble a mass-produced hipster-style doctor frame. Rather, Fabulous Fanny's presents quirky pronounced glasses with a touch of uniqueness and a true charming flare.

Buy them

July 12, 2010

Super High Swedish Hasbeens

Still skeptical about the return-of-the-clog? (It's okay, I was too.) Here, I bring you the perfect blend of throwback disco-day footwear and fashion-forward chunky heels with Swedish Hasbeens' popular heeled clog. Though this flirty pair goes with just about any daytime getup, I recommend coupling them with your distressed boyfriend jeans or floral romper. Go ahead—bag that purple pair you haven’t worn since Junior High and throw on these natural grained stretchable leather and lime-tree wooden Hasbeens—(Did ya read that? ECO-FRIENDLY = GOOD). What's more, this handmade shoe looks (and feels) better with a little wear and tear. Are you re-thinking the clog trend now?

July 11, 2010

Vilebrequin Swimwear

Men's swimwear is unpredictable at the very least. From boardshorts to bikini bottoms, it seems many men are lost among a sea of obnoxious, oversized graphic prints, baggy sizes, and undeniably unattractive hip-huggers. Swim brand Vilebrequin offers something unique: an appropriate length, fit, and vast collection of bright and bold trend-inspired designs. Though the $200 price tag is a bit hefty, it'll be worth the inevitable poolside attention.

July 9, 2010

Love Me Some Loafer-heels

Forget chunky masculine watches and boyfriend jeans, this season's menswear trend stretches a bit further with Camper loafer-heels–perfect for interviews and an all-around fun outfit addition ($149). The style, originated from the Barcelona Design Center, has a totally authentic European look, from the cracked genuine leather to the detailed structure. I'm especially digging this green hue, which flawlessly adds a bright burst of color to a basic dress or black-on-black ensemble. What do you think of this chic heeled loafer?

NoteFlix on ETSY

Scrap your Moleskins and start jotting down plans, doodles, and just about anything in these spankin' new flick-inspired notebooks, rapidly selling on Etsy. Creators Lisa Freedman and Mike Olson developed the idea based off of their mutual love for notebooks and thrift stores and while the current 23 themes might seem limited, (though there's no arguing the importance of The Godfather, Pulp Fiction, and The Big Lebowski) expansion is on the looming horizon. "We have more than one hundred more just waiting to be cut and bound," seller Lisa Freedman gushes. The duo's top picks are Jaws, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Usual Suspects. I'm personally loving Titanic which one of these vintage-inspired books catches your eye?

Check in for the latest additions on Twitter @noteflix.

July 8, 2010

Bringing Back the Bow Tie

Besides your necessary cozy cable knit sweater and occasional popped collar, I'm generally not a lover of preppy attireand yet, I can't help but fall for a patterned bow tie. Now, let us cover the basic alternatives: You've got your standard length tie, which is an undeniably boring option, unless, of course, you're en route to a corporate interview, or a Bar-Mitzvah. Then, an "Ascot" tie. Enough said. (Quotation marks stand.) That brings us to the perplexing skinny tie. Can someone please tell me where and why that trend surfaced? (My bet is that it stemmed from the same fool who deemed fedoras a closet staple.) So, ladies and gents, what are your thoughts on bow ties? Are you a fan? Or are you sticking with an "Ascot?" Here's my pick for summer's hottest bow tie, available at J.Press ($50), and 100%

Need help? Watch here for steps on how to tie a bow tie.

Prime Time Eye Primer

Smearing eye makeup mid-day is a nightmare—and who wants to carry around a touch-up bag? Not me. So, fellow beauty buffs, or those simply in need of a sweat-proof lifesaver, as we enter another grueling day in NYC, try dabbing on Laura Mercier's eye primer before applying makeup. This summer's saving grace, a mere $24, not only boosts the shade of your liner and shadow, but also keeps the color on your lids for the entire day. LM eye primer, you are definitely BRANDED.

July 7, 2010

Jelly Shoes

Remember those jelly sandals from middle school? You were most likely rocking the transparent ones with the sparkles - some of you, the lucky ones, even boasted a style with a slight heel. This summer's fashionable footwear has got to be revamped jellies - and I'm not just talking your basic T-strap. I'm a big fan of this padded insole jelly "big-girl" heel made for Melissa by Vivienne Westwood.

A Little Wicked

Texas natives and sisters Bianca and Robyn Moreno had a greater vision for their vintage shop than your typical trendy boutique; this duo brought their designing and styling forces together for a shopping experience you'd likely see on a Bravo reality series. While Bianca (designer) exhibits her own collections, the main focus lies on the brushed up handpicked vintage lining the store-length racks. "We're serious hunters," stylist Robyn boasts. "We'll go to vintage shops, estate sales and thrift shops around the country." After selecting the best items, the crafty team will alter and restructure pieces to make them good as new—an outcome the sisters like to call "modern vintage." Must-haves include Second Skin jeans by Elisa Jimenez (of Project Runway), burnt red distressed leather boots ($165) and black rope necklace with dangling silver bars ($50). They'll even tailor pieces specifically to your body, creating even more of a one-of-a-kind look. "There's not gonna be a 'who wore it better' situation," Robyn says. "You're in an outfit that's exclusively yours." 279 E Houston St between Clinton and Suffolk Sts (212-777-1190, alittlewicked.com) Subway: F, V to Second Ave–Lower East Side. Tue-Fri noon-8pm; Sun 11am-6pm.


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