October 25, 2010

More Marais, Please

Tell me these aren’t the cutest flats you’ve ever seen? Aside from the adorable flattened bow and sleek rounded toe, these sweetheart Maryjane Bow shoes offer a cushioned footbed and silk satin upper and leather outsole. Marais USA—the genius company behind such coveted footwear—offers an array of stylin’ day-to-day and ultra-chic designs at seriously reasonable prices.

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October 20, 2010

Sarah Leora Apparel

Seventeen-year-old fashionista, Sarah Silverman, (goes by: Sarah Leora. Yep, only seventeen), has her own fashion line. And, surprisingly, it’s clear why. From velvet to lace, each piece in her debut collection (launched Sept. 19, 2010) has its own unique flare with frills and all. Here, I talk to the designer about her can't-live-without closet items, personal inspirations and which dress she’s planning to wear to her own prom.

So, when did you first start the line?
I've had this collection in mind ever since freshman year of high school, but officially I started last November.

Are there any pieces in your closet you absolutely cannot live without?
I bought these black sandals in Paris. They're so perfect, so simple, and so French – I love them.

Who or what would you say are your inspirations?
I love Chloe Sevigny, Alexa Chung and the Olsen Twins’ style. While putting the collection together, I was inspired by old-fashion French celebrities, including Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve.

Do you stick to a certain color palette or will colors change seasonally?
I'll probably use some different tones for each collection, but it's important that I keep everything elegant and delicate. I don't think I'll use too many eye-popping colors.

How would you describe the collection as a whole?
This line is all about being feminine and girly at the same time. Even though the tomboy style is infiltrating the fashion world right now, I miss seeing women dressing in a more feminine way.

What kind of woman do you picture wearing Sarah Leora Apparel?
Catherine Deneuve in the French film, Les Parapluies de Cherbourg.

Has the response been positive so far?
Well, mostly positive! Some people aren't really into such girly clothing, and that's totally cool - I don't want anyone changing their style just to wear my line. But, I do believe there are women who want that excuse to wear something a bit more feminine – and I hope they do so by wearing my collection!

Which designs are getting the most attention?
The Knightcat navy blue velvet dress has definitely been popular. People also love the Precious Vanilla lace dress – that's what I'm going to wear to my prom.

What can we look forward to in the future, say, post high school graduation?
A larger collection, that’s for sure. I’ve been putting together some really cute sketches that are hopefully going to turn out awesome. Who knows, maybe a fragrance, shoes, handbags and more. I have a lot to look forward to!

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*Sarah thanks all of her friends who have helped during this process: Aiyana, Claire, Kathryn, Emma, Aluna, Mary, Kristina, and Nicole

October 13, 2010

Your New Bling: The Nixon Motif Watch

Add a little sparkle to your wrist with Nixon's vibrant gold, big-faced Motif watch. Not only is the band waterproof and the buckle made of durable stainless steel, but this long-standing accessory, available now at 80sPurple, is totally and utterly HOT. Turn your once lackluster, plain-jane outfits into stylish statements by rocking this bold piece. And, at only $150, can't you afford the security of automatic fashion praise?

I think so.

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October 7, 2010

A Tweed Bag to Love

A big slouchy-leather satchel is all you need, right? Wrong. So very wrong. OF COURSE you also need a convenient fall bag that’ll go with all your chic and new brisk-weather clothes! After browsing ASOS, the London-based site that has recently extended its fashionable arms to the States, I came across this Ally Capellino gorg tweed and leather deep brown Agnes shoulder bag. The envelope opening makes all items easily accessible and the adjustable strap means there’s crossbody potential. Is this not the perfect cozy tights, fall-floral and chunky-sweater-day kinda bag?

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October 6, 2010

Just Jamie Scarves: Just Right

Scrap those knitting needles you know you'll never use (it's almost time for a brand new New Year's resolution, anyway) and pull up the go-to site for all your scarf-related needs: JustJamieScarves. Not only will you find the necessary comfy basics, but exotic and creative designs are also presented, such as infinity, celeb-inspired, unisex, animal prints and more.

Here, designer Jamie Futterman, who describes herself as "strong, intense, sexy, and rocker chic," discusses her journey to scarves, fan favorites and why she's been deemed the "scarf lady."

Age: 22

Residence: Upper East Side, New York City

When did you first start working on your scarf line?
When I first entered Syracuse University, I was looking for a way to make an extra buck. (I mean, what girl in college doesn't need to make a little extra money?) I soon got involved with Greek Life and set up several philanthropies where I would create tons of scarves, sell them and donate a percentage of my earnings to a selected charity. It wasn't long after that I developed the nickname "scarf lady."

Tell us, why scarves?
Scarves are my favorite accessory by far. They allow me to be original in my outfits and can transform a boring look into something stylish at a small price.

You have different design categories, but how would you describe
the collection as a whole?
Just Jamie Scarves is fashion at an affordable price. Our customer is stylish, vibrant and embodies New York City spirit.

What has the response been like so far?
I launched my site recently and have been doing so well. The orders are starting to come in from all over the country! It's so exciting seeing people wearing my designs.

Which design has been a fan favorite?
Since the launch of my site (only one week ago), best selling scarves have been the designer-inspired zig-zag-patterned "Damaris" and the “Alyssa Web Knit Pucker" scarves.

What can we look forward to in coming months?
I hope to expand to incorporate additional accessories, including costume jewelry and bangles, but for now I'm taking it one step at a time. For winter, stay tuned for some awesome chunky knit eternity scarves.

Keep up with Jamie's line on Twitter @_JustJamie_

Rain & Snow Rain Boots

Rainy weather has never been a friend of the fashion-conscious woman. Frizzy hair, dripping eye makeup, and the overwhelming shoe dilemma. Who really wants to lug an extra pair of shoes to work on soggy mornings? I certainly do not. So, I've researched a rain boot (no, it's not made by Hunter, thank you) chic enough that swapping footwear is unnecessary and with enough lining to keep my toes warm even during winter months. VoilĂ ! I bring you Banana Republic's newest addition: Roman equestrian rain boots. These keepers look JUST LIKE leather riding boots, I swear, and sell for under $100. I'd advise you get these into your shopping cart ASAP.

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