August 18, 2010

Lip & Cheek Stain

Though you're boasting a summer glow and rosy cheeks right now, beach weather is trickling off and days of pale faces are impending. To survive the horror, Benefit introduces yet another keeper in your beauty bag with their berry-tinted, kiss-proof and waterproof lip and cheek stain. The light product won't clog your pores or oil up your skin – instead, it provides a long-lasting shine that'll last all day long.

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August 11, 2010

Fall Is For (Faux) Fur

I'm a believer in fur accents. I don't find oversized fur coats, bulky sweaters, or bags to be attractive on, well, anyone. What I am into are faux fur pieces that compliment an outfit without being overbearing. This Juicy Couture vest, with its black ribbed back and long draping bow, is the perfect way to wear a fur item. What do you think? Are you into the faux fur look?

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To DYE For

Tie-dye designs don't always have to be a reminder of summer camp in the nineties – this fall trend has much to offer and Tory Burch is ahead of the blended-color curve. We've seen her Resort 2011 line down the runway, fully amped with tie-dye galore, but what's even more exciting are her accessories, specifically this Continental wallet. The moody blue hues and detailed stitching make for the perfect free-spirited, hippie-style wallet sparked with a fashion-forward edge and equipped with interior zipper, currency pockets, and eight card slots. Are you feeling the tie-dye trend or are you sticking to solid colors?

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August 10, 2010

The Perfect Pastel Polish

Before the first leaf plummets onto the sidewalk and you dive head first into berry, navy, and, dare I say, black polishes, embrace the heat of summertime and get yourself a pastel-colored mani. My favorite from the spring/summer line has been Essie's Lilacism – it's subtle, elegant, and lacks that pretty-pretty-princess look you get from a non-matted color. No doubt I'll be using up the bottle before the temp drops to sweater-wearing weather. What colors are you sad to leave behind for fall?

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A New Kind of Statement (Necklace)

Statement necklaces are not my thing. I like a stack of bright bangles, bold rings, and even big, chunky watches, but forget overbearing, heavy-weighted, strangling neckwear. (I normally stick to my simple "A" charm necklace, which I RARELY stray from). But, alas, Anthroplogie has me questioning the trend with their "Tour De Jewels" piece. Maybe it's the fact that the intricate whirling wheels design isn't going to swallow my whole neck. Or, maybe it's just because this delicate number is only $38. Either way, it needs to be mine. What do you think? Do statement necklaces overdo it sometimes?

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August 9, 2010

Fabulously Fashionable (and Wearable) Flats

What's the trick to scoring solid, walkable flats that won't blister up your poor heels? If Italian leather and a man-made lining and sole doesn't do the trick, I'm not sure anything will. These lovely, earth-toned J.Crew slip-ons, adorned with the perfect amount of bows and bling, are just as wearable with your cute daytime frock as those burgundy tights and tweed skirt you're itching to break out for fall. Which other flat styles keep your feet intact?

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August 3, 2010

Façonnable Travel Accessories

Every man needs a good carry-on bag. Preferably one that does not feature rips and tears and a faded, muted black color. No, you need to rock something a bit more snazzy, a bit more façonnable. And so, for your traveling pleasure, I bring you this navy shoulder bag with camel leather trim and a handy little handle and on fashion-point polka-dot slender umbrella. Though it does push the prepster level a tad further than I'd normally like, the blend of colors is stunning, wouldn't ya say?

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August 2, 2010

Need-to-Have Nautical

Anyone who knows me is aware of my overwhelming obsession with horizontal-striped ANYTHING. That goes for dresses, tops, scarves, headbands, etc. (Okay, maybe not pants.) In any case, I was inevitably bound to throw in a nautical-inspired piece on BRANDED, but this one happens to be for men. Lightweight Tees can be perfect for lounging–though, when adorned with a pattern, like navy stripes, it is totally suitable for bar-outings. I'm digging this All Saints heavy vintage-washed cotton number marked with a slanted utility chest pocket. Aren't you?

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August 1, 2010

Fresh for Fall

While I do love my T-Strap sandals and summer floral dresses, fall is fast approaching and days of patterned tights, knee-high boots and chunky sweaters are getting me giddy. But who says we have to say goodbye to knits and cut-out sandals? Here, Anthropologie presents their latest Leaftop booties, the perfect blend of seasonal Earthy tones and a playful construction. I think I'm in love.

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